Happy Valentine’s Day

Roxie’s song is called “Hey Valentine”. I met her at Access 7 while I was there to appear on TV too, for Regina Car Share Co-op. Our interviews are on Access Talk of the Town today at 2pm and 5pm.




http://cdbaby.com/cd/roxielenton (The song is also available on CD Baby)

Roxie Lenton

Valentine’s Day’s Dirty Chocolate Secret

While you’re stocking up on chocolate, as the stores fill with it for Easter and Valentine’s Day, consider only treating yourself and others if the candy is labeled Fair-Trade. Fair-Trade chocolates come where the supply chain has been verified to be ethically providing a living wage for the workers growing and harvesting the plants critical to the production of cocoa.

Only a decade ago, human rights orgs were warning that a large portion of our chocolate is the result of child slavery.
This is from 3 years ago:

Many people admire Abraham Lincoln for his effort to free slaves in the American south. Sadly, the opportunity to free people from slavery has not passed away with the 19th century. You can be a hero, and contribute to the freeing of modern-day slaves. Eat less slave-chocolate, and reward fair-trade chocolate producers even though the price you pay is higher.

How to Meet your Resolution Goal

Have you made a financial or fitness resolution to meet this year?

Meeting a goal isn’t like buying something. You don’t have to shop around for it, and you can’t buy it anyway. It takes time, and a little bit of effort added up. The effort only seems like a lot, when you’ve reached the goal, but it’s small in the moment.

Government House Levee 2014

Start so small, you will crave doing more. The first effort will be so small that you don’t feel like bragging about it once complete, but this is okay. As the steps in Lifehacker point out, remaining positive and giving yourself a break is important. The point isn’t to run a marathon or save $1000 on the first attempt, it’s to create the new system that makes it possible for you to do one of those things. Start by doing 1-5 sit-ups or push ups, or walking for 5 minutes outside the first day. Or if you’re saving, put away $5 the first time.

Now that you’ve made time for change and aren’t discouraged by the amount of effort or money each attempt takes, just repeat until you’re good at it and ready to grow into bigger efforts. If you find you’re stopping altogether, scale back your effort to whatever level it takes to get started again, even if it’s smaller than where you started.

Let’s Tear This Town Aparrrrrt!

This evening I pushed a Co-op cab off an ice median at Kramer and Hillsdale, with the Regina cabbie I was riding with, and another driver who stopped after. The Co-op guy wrecked his front bumper though by failing to negotiate the turn. I tore a piece off it so it wouldn’t rub on his wheel. Yes, I can tear cars limb from limb. Muahahaha!

I got $2 off my cab ride; the driver said he appreciated being able to stop and help and that I wasn’t in a rush like some of his customers.

Government House Levee 2014
Earlier in the day I hung out with the Grey Cup, and rubbed shoulders with Regina’s Levee loving crowd at Government House.

Government House Levee 2014
I took this selfie specifically because it was a fantastically expensive mirror.

Government House Levee 2014
Government House Christmas tree

Government House Levee 2014
Happy 2014 everyone!
A couple nights ago I gave a tour of the city to a guy passing through from Ottawa. The Legislature looked pretty nice lit up in green in the cold fog.
Government Legislature

Winter in Saskatchewan

When it’s too cold to explain, photos will have to do.
Wood Mountain December Sunset

Christmas Tree

Deer at Wood Mountain

Sundog at Lakenheath, SK

I don’t go to church anymore, and didn’t want to long before I stopped going. This year I was invited to two different Christmas church services, and ended up going to neither. When I do go, it’s out of respect for my family’s traditions, and end up socializing with people I would otherwise not see day-to-day. Most of the time I cannot bring myself to support what I feel is such a waste of time, money, and effort to support religious institutions that do far less good than they promise and would have us believe they do.

The new Nigerian priest for the part of southern Sask. where my parents live, became lost when trying to drive to church in Glentworth on Sunday. He wound up in a town about 30 minutes away, then called for directions and arrived about an hour late. There was a fresh coat of snow everywhere, the road included, so it must have been a bit of an ordeal to go from +30 to -20 in the span of a month, and become lost where the closest farmyard can be 15km from any given point on the road. He was oriented for Christmas Eve evening service at least. The roads have not been kind to priests in the past year; Father Carrigan, a priest that served Wood Mountain and Lafleche, passed away from a highway collision.

The Spirit of Christmas

Using Adrian’s generalization logic, since he’s a climate change denier every time people try to help him learn with evidence, what can we pretend all climate change deniers are like?

Background story.


San Diego’s Big Bay Bust

I’ve witnessed two big American 4th of July fireworks shows, in New York ’02 and San Diego ’10. The San Diego show two years ago lasted at least 20 minutes, and we watched it from a hill near PB. While there we also heard people talk about ice blocking down the hill, one story resulted in someone bailing out and the ice block hitting a car. Charges ensued for that failed sledder.
San Diego Fireworks 2010
- It should look like this

Last night’s show in San Diego was a spectacular failure, with a computer program accidentally setting off every firework at once, instead of spaced out among twenty minutes. I’m surprised the amplified explosion didn’t cause any reported damage (other than to egos and expectations).



What’s better, just another fireworks show, or the #EpicFail show, famous around the world?

Software testing is something moderately important for a big show. What glitches will we see during the Olympic Games this year?

A Year

It’s been a year of marriage, and I don’t want the honeymoon to end.


It’s that time of year when the weather gets hot, and the blogging gets slow. Where is everyone? Where’ve I gone? I hope someone is looking after the ‘shop.

The Moose Jaw Tornado

Last week there was an impressive tornado south west of Moose Jaw. Here’s one of the more popular videos of it, brought to you by Saskatoon Scanner who I know going back to the early YouTube days.

#SKstorm Regina
- A little bolt lightning, but mostly sheet lightning illuminating the clouds sweeping eastward.
Here are some less exciting videos of some lightning I shot on Canada Day.

Here’s Saskatchewan’s most famous tornado chaser, Greg.