Greens: Conservatives Ordered Illegal Destruction of Canadian Records

A worrying subset of the Canadian population seems content settling for a Conservative Party that willingly destroys Canadian heritage and property. How can Canadians peacefully stop the looting and burning of our cultural and scientific records?

Although the Department of Fisheries and Oceans states that the purpose of its Library Consolidation Initiative is to create greater public access to information online through ‘digitization,’ it is unclear what, if any, digitization has taken place to date. A secret departmental document obtained by Postmedia refers to ‘culling materials’ as ‘the main activities’ of the consolidation initiative, showing that digitization and greater public access to material were not the rationale for the consolidation.

The Harper Government doesn’t respond to legally required requests for information from reporters even. It’s a secretive regime.


I’d wondered why the USA wasn’t chasing after draft dodgers still.

My respect for Carter went up when I learned this.

Obama could redeem some of his failing popularity if he stood up to the NSA spy machine and pardoned Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, among other whistle blowers of illegal American spying programs aimed at American citizens.

Grasslands National Park Animals

Wood Mountain
-Road Killed Rattle Snake

There are not a lot of rattlesnakes around the park, especially the East Block of the park where Wood Mountain is. Nick, who is with Brenda showing off the snake skin, almost stepped on one by accident last week and it didn’t even try to bite him.

The snakes are mostly interested in these guys
Wood Mountain

Watch these videos, as the numbers get bigger at the end of the titles.

Deer at a gravel pit. Fossils in this pit go back to at least 13 Million years ago, and contain horse, rhino, and other animals from ancient Saskatchewan well before ice ages scraped much of the province flat like it is around Regina.

Friday Night Hardware Hacking

Last night I fixed a Vista laptop (It wouldn’t finish booting into Windows normally because I’d installed another hard drive, and ran ClamAV which possibly changed a file it was depending on after I removed the other hard drive. I ran startup repair, and then the system restore option, and that fixed it, easily.)
Declawing CueCat
This evening I noticed an old barcode scanner that Dad got in some online deal, and it never worked. It had DRM built into it, and wouldn’t read barcodes as plain text as they should be. Instead it encrypted the text and relied upon decryption software from a spyware server to give useful output. I learned this (again) tonight, trying to find out if plugging the USB device into Ubuntu would just work, since it’s the future, 2013. I had the hardest time figuring out the proper name for the scanner, but the Cat. No. 68-1966 on the bottom finally helped. It’s a CueCat. The branding on the side was useless.

CueCats can be bought on eBay still for about $10.

Declawing CueCat

Then I found some really great information about how easy it is to modify the pins of an IC, to eliminate the encryption[PDF] of the plain text barcode! Lots of hackers have done it.

This hacking project is about 8 years behind cutting edge, but now Dad has a working bar-code scanner for his desktop computer. And defeating DRM is a good way to pass the time.

Declawing CueCat

Paul McCartney Rocks Regina

*Goosebumps* I got goosebumps up the back of my head when he played Hey Jude.
Paul McCartney concert in Regina


A music legend played in the Queen City for the first time, and seemed to love it. The crowd sure did. What perfect weather, and a perfect night! A quick cheering poll identified most of the stadium’s audience as being from outside of Regina.

Paul McCartney concert in Regina

His Out There tour wrapped up.

My cell phone has pitiful audio quality, but my good camera has much better sound and some clips will be on YouTube soon.



– For Sheila


Lafleche Centennial, 100 Years of Awesome

June 29, 2013
Lafleche sunset panorama
I’ve been at the Lafleche 100 celebration on Canada Day long weekend. There were few people my age who I knew, and many of the oldest generation who I grew up with has passed away in the past decades. Cliff Day, who I remember from even the 1980s, passed away in May of this year. Homecomings can be like that, reminded of how everything has changed from my perspective. It’s still been worth going, and I’m headed back on Sunday morning.

Lafleche hockey rink centennial panorama

I arrived with Dad, as the 11am parade was winding down. On the side street, where some WWII veterans in golf carts had finished driving through the parade, I heard one exclaim to the other, “We made it.”

Lafleche Centennial

The lady at the registration desk recognized Saskboy when I put it on my name-tag. She didn’t remember what she’d read, but recalled it upset her.

I’m off to bed now, and I’ll pick this blog up tomorrow.

June 30
Got roped into going to church with my parents, before the pancake breakfast. The breakfast was good, it was self-serve, so I got enough to eat. Then I helped a Radio-Canada journalist get some photos and interviews he needed.

Lafleche Centennial

Lafleche Centennial

Lafleche Centennial

Credit, Where Not Due, Accomplishes More

If you don’t care who gets the credit for something, you can accomplish more. That works in both directions. You can pass an idea along without asking for anything in return, or someone can steal an idea and not give desired credit.

When asked whose idea it was, representatives from the Pennsylvania snack-maker cited James S. Herr — who founded the company in 1946 and died in April 2012 — was fond of quoting President Harry Truman, even if he probably didn’t say what he’s credited with saying: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

I try to use Creative Commons instead of Copyright. While I still ask for credit for my work, I try to encourage sharing of information, as information that is shared does not fade into history so quickly.

Lafleche Loses Another Building: Flying Goose Inn

Another accidental fire in Lafleche last night, this one attributed initially to careless smoking (is there any other kind?). The Flying Goose Inn, the only bar and hotel in town, burned to the ground. Months ago, M.O.M, the bus station, also burned.

Lafleche SK
The hotel, a few weeks ago, in April.

Adding a little heartache to this story, it’s Lafleche’s 100th anniversary as a town, and Canada Day weekend is the celebration. Now there are fewer places for visitors to stay and visit in town, and there’s just another burned out lot.

Lafleche SK
Main St.

Lafleche SK
On January 10, 1984, I was present when the Lafleche Bumper To Bumper caught fire and burned down; The story I recently read in my Grandma’s journal entry for that day.

ADDED photos:
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PM Puts Up Hand “Cheque Please!”

Harper hurried out of the country, and who could blame him? He had angry professional journalists on his tail, asking him questions that have no other true answer than to admit that a crime took place in the Prime Minister’s Office. His old friend Nigel Wright was under the CPC Bus, and Stephen Harper remained at the wheel, driving it over Mike “Loose Lips” Duffy at the same time Wright was hanging onto the front bumper before resigning himself to be chewed under the heavy Harper wheels of staffer sacrifice.

The non-existent Office of Public Prosecutions was busy not at work, not charging Wright with bribing Duffy with $90000 so as to get out of trouble that an audit bearing down on him was about to unleash in greater waves.

A Conservative government would institute an independent office of public prosecutions responsible for investigating criminal activity on Parliament Hill, party Leader Stephen Harper said Wednesday. [Nov. 30, 2005]

“I invite you to look forward to … a bold future where people are held responsible for their actions,” Harper said on the second day of campaigning for the Jan. 23 federal election.

Under current rules, Harper said, politicians have had too much say in how those involved are dealt with and how much money should be repaid.

“Conservatives believe as a basic principle that politicians should not be accountable to other politicians, that government should not be accountable to itself,” he said.

“A new Conservative government will ensure that decisions about criminal prosecution are independent of politicians and independent of politics.”

Government should not be accountable to itself? Hell, he’s done a bang-up job implementing that promise, because not only is this government not accountable to itself, it also escapes scrutiny of the RCMP, Elections Canada, the Head of State, and the professional snoozing media who still dismissively sounds like this:

Um, I’m not sure “comments” can settle a gross ethical and legal violation of Senate rules, unless they were, “I accept responsibility, and I resign in the hope that the Crown prosecutor goes easy on me.”

Hat tip to Nathan who liked this part best from 2005:

‘I invite you to look forward to … a bold future where people are held responsible for their actions.’ – Stephen Harper [2005]