Greens: Conservatives Ordered Illegal Destruction of Canadian Records

A worrying subset of the Canadian population seems content settling for a Conservative Party that willingly destroys Canadian heritage and property. How can Canadians peacefully stop the looting and burning of our cultural and scientific records?

Although the Department of Fisheries and Oceans states that the purpose of its Library Consolidation Initiative is to create greater public access to information online through ‘digitization,’ it is unclear what, if any, digitization has taken place to date. A secret departmental document obtained by Postmedia refers to ‘culling materials’ as ‘the main activities’ of the consolidation initiative, showing that digitization and greater public access to material were not the rationale for the consolidation.

The Harper Government doesn’t respond to legally required requests for information from reporters even. It’s a secretive regime.

Canadian Uranium Subsidies to Kazakhstan

Here’s an important story for Canadians, and Saskatchewanians in particular, which doesn’t have to do with the Riders or the Senate scandal.

The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) wants to know why the Wall Government is still subsidizing Cameco. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently reported that Cameco owes $850-million in back taxes. And just recently Canada and Kazakhstan signed an agreement to jointly invest $200-million to develop a uranium conversion facility capable of feeding 40 nuclear reactors in Kazakhstan.

If uranium is profitable, then Kazakhstan should be able to build a uranium conversion facility without Canadian tax dollars. Why are the hard earned dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayers being used to build an expensive uranium conversion facility in Kazakhstan? This is not right. Saskatchewan people do not pay taxes so that our governments can squander that money in risky foreign ventures. Cameco’s back taxes should remind all Saskatchewan people that the uranium industry would not exist without government subsidies. If we cut uranium subsidies, this industry will die a natural death. The Wall Government should sell its shares in Cameco and urge the federal government to stop using our tax dollars for risky foreign ventures.

Victor Lau, Leader of the GPS
Regina, Saskatchewan

Greens Catch Harper in a New $100M+ Lie

The Canadian government is spending our tax money on Enbridge’s impossibly risky scheme that will ruin BC’s coast.

“Documents obtained from Environment Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans reveal that at a time when core science is being cut across the Government of Canada, tax dollars are being spent to do Enbridge’s homework for them,” said Andrew Weaver.

The Federal Government is moving forward over the next two years with a $100 million plus, ‘Complementary Measures Project’ (now called ‘World Class’) to research and model the complex waterways in the Kitimat and Hecate Straights region. In essence this is a federal government subsidy to the Northern Gateway Project, as they are unable to satisfy basic safety, environmental and regulatory requirements. In fact documents from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans identified that: “Behaviour models specific to dilbit spills do not exist, and existing commercial models for conventional oil do not allow parameter specific modifications.”

On the federal level contrary to what Stephen Harper has said about awaiting the evidence and panel results, the Government of Canada has been pushing ahead with spending over $100 million to support what should be industry based research. This comes at a time of major cuts to science funding for climate change, marine contaminants and ELA.

In fact, documents show that the Government of Canada has been spending taxpayer’s money to support this project, going as far as to name the DFO’s work “the Northern Gateway Project”.

The CPC is the oil industry’s political wing, plain and simple.

Renewable Energy Predictions Way Off

They were vastly underestimated.

Here’s info about that out of date solar power study that SaskPower was touting.

New Conservative Party? Yes Please

I’ve felt badly for a while now that conservative voters have no ethical right wing party to vote for in Canada (or the USA, for that matter). The Conservative Party of Canada is the only Canadian political party with the word “coalition” in its Constitution. The CPC coalition of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservatives, removed right wing voters’ choice, so Harper’s new CPC could more easily cheat their way to victory.

With the future crop of Conservative Party of Canada MPs already heading toward jail, what are conservative voters to do? The present parade of perps, is patently preposterous. Do they stay home? Vote Liberal? Hold their noses and vote for more election fraud and other crime while simultaneously endorsing unbalanced budgets and the bigger Harper Government?

I’m opposed to the Liberals, NDP, and Greens merging their distinct parties, since electoral cooperation can be achieved without uniting under one (corruptible) banner. Putting all eggs into one basket is an efficient means to move them from point A to Ottawa, but you’ll never unpack those eggs when they get to Ottawa. They’ll be “Ottawashed”, says Rathgeber. A multi-party system serves Canada best, since there are many distinct regions with their own interests. The problems have been a lack of electoral reform (to keep pace with technology), and a centralization of power in party leaders, the unelected staff of the PMO, and an antiquated, unaccountable, appointed Senate.

End Point

If we pass the point of no return, we will have runaway global warming and the end point is human extinction. I don’t think people quite get that yet.

I know many who don’t take the issue of civilization’s survivability very seriously. Most of my peers have grown up hearing that climate change is happening, and we need to do something about it, but we assumed the older generations were doing something. Turns out, the problem is much worse today than in 1990, and we’ve spent the majority of our lives hearing that it’s been worked on. The efforts to reduce air pollution, have run up against real world efforts to work against progress, leaving large ground lost. Obstinate, short-sighted conservatives call science a “liberal billionaire crusade”, a “gimmick“, as if civilization has an innate, God-given right to exist no matter the destructive, damning policies it opts to enact on the real world at breakneck speed.

The “Denial Machine” churns away, fueling not only air pollution, but actively damaging bi-partisan political efforts to reduce preventable pollution. Every dollar invested into gasoline, a Walmart or Dollar store trinket, or an automobile is another quiet vote for the death of civilization. This is not a right wing vs. left wing issue at its core. It’s a struggle for survival, and the right wing has chosen the side of the struggle whose end point is human extinction. Why would they do this? They choose ignorance, so they don’t feel so bad about doing what they ought to know they shouldn’t be doing. How could they? Life trends toward death, so deadly policies are innately easier to enact and defend politically. It’s a cake walk when your supporters clamp their hands over their ears, and shut their eyes as a political instinct.

It takes no creativity to die,
No resistance to shrug and to sigh,
It’s the status-quo,
And don’t you know?
Civilization’s evening draws nigh.

Three weeks ago, as the Senate scandal was breaking, the planet passed 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, [May] says.

“We relate better to issues we can understand. Which means we will get very excited about things that are fundamentally trivial and miss that we are sleepwalking towards the edge of cliff,” she says.
Her eyes are moistening with tears, but she holds back.

“I have obligations.”

Don’t we all have an obligation to preserve a future for life after ours? Too many don’t think or act like they care. Shouldn’t they care?

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Women In Short Pants Run Around, Bullying MPs

It’s always good to hear Elizabeth May speak in the House. Today was no disappointment, as she took the Prime Minster’s Office to task for being a totally unaccountable creation of the unwritten constitution, where $10,000,000 goes each year to die.

May: The guys in short pants who run around bullying MPs, muzzling scientists and harassing civil servants report to one boss. Is it not time to have accountability out of the PMO?

Pierre Poilievre: Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister does take responsibility for leading this country and the results speak for themselves.

Strangely enough, the results Poilievre listed didn’t include Senate expense refunds to Senators who’ve made illicit expense claims.

More hilariously, John Baird stood up and tried to be offended at May’s use of “guys in short pants”. He accused her of sexism. She readily agreed that her comment was a bit of levity, in common use by House backbencher MPs, and accepted that there are also “young, talented women”, as Baird described the female PMO staff, who run around bullying MPs, harass scientists and muzzle civil servants.

Mr Speaker: Glad we sorted that out.

Baird ran into a problem found when only part of a multi-part accusation is responded to with an incomplete form response. It can be suggested by the accuser that the part not refuted is true. That’s how I came to learn that Joe Oliver is the Minister of Threatening Canadians.
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ConCalls: “The Liberals Did It First”(TM) #RoboCon #cdnpoli

The Conservative trolls will have to get new talking points so they don’t look hopelessly dated. Multiple Conservative parties, the NDP, and another Liberal MP were all fined thousands of dollars for broadcasting robocalls in a deceptive manner where the true identity of the caller was not revealed.

Just the other day I had to mock a flying monkey that was using this year old canard:
“No mention in the article that the only confirmed case of robocalls involved the Liberals.”
That hapless chap was stuck on the Liberal MP for Guelph sending a robocall that got confused with the Pierre Poutine robocalls pretending to be from Elections Canada. The Guelph Liberals were calling people to say the CPC candidate had a distasteful stance on abortion, but didn’t use their real name, naughty, naughty.

The CRTC got a little more strict after that point. Prior to that case, were the Irwin Cotler slander calls by Nick’s Campaign Research, which the Speaker called “reprehensible”. I don’t think the CRTC gave a fine for those push poll calls.

Bottom line: “The Liberals Did It First”(TM) is a Conservative dismissal that has jumped the robo-shark. If you see a Conservative using this line, send them the link to this blog.

I’ll point out every so smugly (and with acceptance that this may one day change) that the only national party not involved in a robocall scandal, is the Greens.

Marc paid a $2500 fine for listing his name at the end, with no address.

Wright Quits, Wallin & Duffy Half-Quit, May Lashes the PM #cdnpoli

What dirt does Duffy have on the Prime Minister, that would have had him order his Chief of Staff to cut Mike Duffy a cheque for more than $90,000?

It’s not this video with Duffy and climate change denier Greene-Raine fluffing the Olympics for partisan gain.

Is it this one that has a clue in it? Did the Prime Minister promise a journalist (Duffy) a Senate seat if he helped throw the election? Remember the unconventional airing of the do-overs that Dion did? That was Duffy that determined that damaging display of dialogue.

One question put to me yesterday, was of legitimacy Wallin, Braz Man, and Duffy have for remaining in the Senate at all, after the Prime Minister who put them there has caused or accepted their removal from the Conservative caucus. I would suggest that a Prime Minister who appoints, then fires partisans, to the Senate, calls into question their own legitimacy to govern. As it stands, we’re entering unheard of territory, and so far as I know, there’s nothing written in our Constitution about what to do. We’re writing that unwritten bit of our Constitution now by what we let this rogue Prime Minister get away with.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May said Sunday that, regardless of Wright’s resignation, important questions are still outstanding about why he would have offered his own money to save a floundering Duffy.

“Why would Nigel Wright do something that was so obviously wrong? Intuitively, it would make sense to ask ‘Did the prime minister ask him to do it?’ as opposed to ‘Did the prime minister know he did it?’”
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The Garlic: Interview With Carbon Dioxide

The Onion hasn’t lived up to its journalistic standards of fake news, so I’m writing a piece for The Garlic, and interviewing Carbon Dioxide to get its thoughts on surpassing the dangerous 400 parts per million mark.

John Klein (JK): So, Carbon Dioxide, do you mind if I call you Carbon for short?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Sure John, no problem. I’ll even let you abbreviate my name to CO2 without making the two subscript.

JK: Very kind of you, Carbon.

CO2: No problem, it’s my pleasure to help out. It’s the least I can do, for helping to destroy your climate.

JK: It’s really humanity’s fault though for burning so much fossil fuel. You can’t take responsibility for that, you’re just a molecule created through oxidation of carbon.
Let’s get to the questions. How do you feel about surpassing 400 ppm in the atmosphere for the first time during human civilization?

CO2: I feel pretty negative about the whole situation, right down to my electrons. I was quite content at levels under 300 ppm, and it seems like only a few years ago that I was at 350 ppm.

JK: It was only a few years ago you were at 350 ppm, before 1988.

CO2: Anyway, I feel really burned out by all of this talk about sequestering me. I’d rather spend time at the ocean.

JK: You mean you by becoming carbonic acid in the Earth’s oceans, and harming shell fish and other aquatic life?

CO2: There’s no malice intended, I’m just a molecule, as you’ve already pointed out. If you had a choice between taking a soak in the ocean, or being put into a high pressure situation under the Canadian plains, what would you choose?

JK: I see your point.

CO2: It’s not easy being humankind’s most despised molecule, with some many millions out to reduce my levels. I can count on some support from misguided, or well paid carbon fluffers, but it’s not easy being anti-green. At least plants (and potted plants in Congress) love me.

JK: The plants that don’t end up underwater from flooding, or burned from drought, love you?

CO2: Yes.

JK: My city has been trying to cut back on creating Carbon Dioxide since the early 1990s. Here’s a sign from 1999’s Cool Down The City Challenge:
1999 Downtown
They installed one bike rack for ten bikes. There are over 220,000 people in Regina. It would appear people don’t take Carbon Dioxide very seriously.

CO2: My influence on human civilization and daily life is vastly underestimated by most people.

JK: Indeed. It was a pleasure speaking to you, I should let you get back to warming our atmosphere too much.

CO2: Thanks for asking me to talk, John. I think I’m going to chill for a bit (as a liquid, naturally).

JK: Poor Carbon gets such a bum rap. There are so many good politicians on its case.