One Thought At A Time

If you write only one sentence paragraphs, it makes you look like a poet.

You should try this too.

Write only one line, then start another.

See what happens to your writing.

You might be surprised.

In the end, you could be disappointed.

Hopefully, you’ll want to share your rambling nonsense with the rest of us.

You’ll never be quoted if you don’t start writing one-liners.

Coyne Skips The Trudeau #cdnpoli Taboo

One of the not-so-solemn duties of the blogosphere is to hold the Main Stream Media in check when they go a little astray. I’m not sure if I should hold Andrew Coyne’s hand as I walk him back to where he was a week ago, or if I should slap it for being caught in the Conservatives’ propaganda cookie jar. Mmmm, raisins.

Here’s where Coyne was last week:

Here he was 3 weeks ago:

Now, on to a new target; starting a new news cycle so we don’t get bored worrying about how a secretive, extortive Prime Minister is running his office or his party:

You know you’ve taken a wrong turn, when Sun News is gloating that you’re trying to do their job as Conservative Propaganda Distributor (CoPD):

COPD is a fatal lung ailment, brought on typically through a sufferer’s own abuse through repeated consumption of harmful material (smoking). CoPD is killing the usefulness of political pundits, who’ve consumed so many Conservative propaganda attack ads, they’ve begun to accept them as fair ways to frame criticism of targets in those ads.

Any message from a political attack ad should be taboo for a political pundit on TV who isn’t paid by a political party. These messages have been crafted, after they’ve been study-grouped to gauge their psychological damage. To later become a distributor of such a message should be the greatest sin of journalism.

Coyne: “the reach of Justin Trudeau’s intellect keeps exceeding its grasp”
Conservative propaganda since last year: #InOverHisHead

Yeah, the attack ad was dumb. It’s also working on even a leading Canadian political commentator who recently was concerned that Trudeau’s opposition is BLACKMAILING A SENATOR.

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Blog Action Day 2013 – Human Rights #BAD13

On Friday I was invited to talk about blogging, on Regina’s community radio station CJTR. The show was Human Rights Radio by Jim and Gord, and we spent the hour going over what a blog is, why it’s useful to have one, and how it could be used to promote human rights. You can give a listen to it!

The second half of the show is on YouTube too, if you want to look at the ceiling for most of it:

Also, if you’re in Saskatchewan, check out the “Get Active with Amnesty” 2013 conference. I was a guest speaker for it last year when it was in Regina. This time it is in Moose Jaw.

This is the conference site.
And there is also a facebook event page you can use to invite friends.

ConCalls: Andrew Prescott Responds to Meier’s Proxy Finding #RoboCon #cdnpoli

With the Robocalls trial under way, some newer information is becoming public. That’s no thanks to the judge who has imposed a partial publication ban on investigative documents.

One person with a legitimate account to make robocalls at RackNine, was Andrew Prescott. On Thursday he wrote me to bring to my attention a new detail other than Rogers’ IP mistake brought up in court. Apparently Matt Meier of RackNine made an error initially in linking Prescott’s RackNine robocall account to a proxy server in Saskatchewan. The same proxy server was used by Pierre Poutine to order illegal robocalls for Guelph’s non-Conservative electors.

[Investigator] Mathews had traced the misleading calls in Guelph to an account with RackNine, a company that provides clients the ability to make automated phone calls to thousands of people at once. The account, under the pseudonym “Pierre Jones,” accessed RackNine using a specific IP address,

“The true subscriber for [the IP address] during the timeframe requested was ‘The Marty Burke Campaign,'” Mathews said.

ADDED: Catch additional details to this timeline in an update.

All times ET.

April 30, 2011 5:30 p.m.

Andrew Prescott, the campaign staffer who dealt with RackNine for voice broadcasts, or robocalls, replies to an email by Ken Morgan, the campaign manager, and Sona. Morgan and Sona had asked Prescott to provide the contact information for RackNine. RackNine President Matt Meier only provides his direct line to current clients.

6:49 p.m.

A $75 pre-paid Visa card is purchased at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Scottsdale Drive in Guelph.

7:04 p.m.

A pre-paid cell phone, or burner phone, is bought at Future Shop on Stone Road West in Guelph for $45.30. The buyer pays cash and activates the phone under the name “Pierre Poutine,” using the same gmail address that later communicates with Meier. Mathews says in the affidavit that he has driven between the Shoppers and the Future Shop, and they are 1.3 kilometres apart, nearly in a straight line.

7:19 p.m.

The account is created. Mathews says in his affidavit that Google has confirmed the email account was created at the same IP address used by the Burke Conservative campaign.

Below is the information Prescott asked me to share with my readers. (His first email is at the bottom.)

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:23:02 -0600
Subject: Re: EC’s correction RE: Proxy Servers
From: andrew
To: saskboy

Because EC finally “officially” verified my side of things re: the proxy server. Not much point trying to wave my hands in the air screaming “BUT IT WASN’T ME!” when the printed “evidence” looked pretty convincing.
Again, no hard feelings… You were going only on what info was out there, and you didn’t know me well enough to know any better. A number of prominent Libs and CPC bloggers have reached out to me in private to offer their support, but that’s only cause they know the integrity of my character.
All the best,

On Friday, August 30, 2013, Saskboy From SK wrote:

Hi Andrew,

May I ask why you waited until now to contact me to ask me to reveal your version of what happened? That article is nearly a year old.


I wrote it, of course, assuming that you would… Thanks for asking though. ;-)
Be nice. ;-)

On Friday, August 30, 2013, Saskboy From SK wrote:

Hi Andrew,
Do you mind if I post this email to my blog?

Sent from my unlocked iPad

On 2013-08-29, at 5:26 PM, “Andrew Prescott” wrote:

Hey man,

You went pretty hard at me back in December, over the issue of proxy server use. (
Yesterday, EC corrected the record… they confirmed what I’ve said all along, that I in fact never used a proxy server. (
While I don’t expect that I’ll ever be able to convince you of my innocence, it’s the truth.

That being said, no hard feelings… based on the information that was printed, I can see why you jumped to the conclusions you did. Heck, as an IT guy myself, even I’d think that I must have done it.
But my moral code would never let me do anything like that.

Just hoping to appeal to your sense of right, and see if you’d like to correct the record on your blog.

Thanks for your time,

Here’s the last of the CBC timeline as learned from court.

May 2, 2011, 4:54 p.m.

“Pierre Jones’s” account accesses RackNine but the access is stored in internal RackNine logs as Prescott’s user number. The session is left logged in as Prescott’s user ID.


The Conservative Party has been giving Elections Canada a hard time during the investigation.

The Harper Government Must Be Right On Track #cdnpoli

This morning, I dealt with indignant HarperCons on Twitter, while they didn’t take my advice about the validity of claims by a certain tweeter not shy of bending the truth a lot to fluff his dear leader.

Sorry for what you’re about to see, because if you drill down a little more into these timelines, you won’t get those minutes back in your life.
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ConCalls: Yep, Still Defrauded #RoboCon

canada fraud *Canada: 0 Days Without Election Fraud*

You can start at the beginning in great detail
Or you can jump to the end of the beginning.

You can draw conclusions so simple a child, or a computer scientist could make them.

I’m sure the corporate media will tell us if there’s a problem. Or maybe not.

Some of them seem a little concerned at least.

[We learned,] thanks to confirmations by chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand, that Conservatives have been slowing down the criminal probe into robocalls — keeping investigators cooling their heels for months, scheduling interview appointments that get cancelled and making key people unavailable for questioning.

You don’t need a degree in psychology to ask: Is this how people act when they’ve got nothing to hide?

That’s about as scathing as our timid, little, professional, neutered media can manage.
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ConCalls: Defending Election Fraud #RoboCon

With the Federal Court recently confirming in law that the Conservatives’ access controlled CIMS database was utilized by conspirators to commit election fraud, there are still some Conservative bloggers willing to put their reputations on the line in defense of not only the Conservative Party of Canada, but of the election fraudsters the CPC’s database supported.

The judge in Federal Court had limited evidence on hand to gauge the sheer volume of fake calls made to Canadians in most of the country. Had all phone records been obtained from the phone companies utilized by robocall companies to make the fraudulent calls the Court found existed, he’d have had the means to reason that many more were made than were reported by citizens to the Court. The phone logs would not lie, and it’s not technically difficult to count the calls from the same phone number as the one(s) that phoned the people the Court ruled had been called by criminals with misleading information about polling locations. This would give a true count of the fraudsters’ impact, and allow the Court to have made a more accurate impact assessment.

Election fraud is justified if:

-The victim should know better!
“I would question anyone who actually listened to, and believed what they heard about moving polling places. If they did, they are complete idiots and shouldn’t have the right to vote in the first place.
Posted by: Rick”

-The media doesn’t like government corruption:
“McGregor is also one of the rats behind the attacks on Duffy [for Duffy's fraudulent housing expenses] [...], I think McGegor is totally lacking in professional ethics[...].
Posted by: LindaL”

-Exposure of a national crime against Canada’s democracy is an opposition tactic to elect Justin Trudeau:
“a faux scandal[...]

This Alinsky-style guerilla tactic has kept the CPC on the defensive for over a year,which I believe was the object of the exercise in the first place.

The Left believes that if they keep battering away at the public with scandals real and imagined,eventually the voters will be swayed away from the corruption and fascism of the Conservatives,and into the loving arms of Saint Justin, who won a boxing match,and has nice hair and teeth.

It might work.
Posted by: don morris”

-The words of the Conservative Party can be presented as if the Court wrote them:
“The Conservatives issued a statement [...]. The statement also blasted the advocacy group that bankrolled the challenge.

“The Council of Canadians court challenge was a transparent attempt to overturn certified election results simply because this activist group didn’t like them,” the statement said.”

So Jethro wrote:
“Key sentence is this one [about the CoC].

People with any sense of propriety or shame would be devastated by such a rebuke, however it won’t phase this group one bit.”

[I dunno Jethro, but I really don't think a rebuke from the party of election fraud, is going to phase the Council of Canadians, or other democracy supporting Canadians.]

-The “Liberals did it First”(TM):
“No mention in the article that the only confirmed case of robocalls involved the Liberals. [...]
Posted by: Aviator”

How’s that obsolete lie working out for you, Aviator? The Federal Court ruling confirms there were pro-CPC, illegal, robocalls made, it just doesn’t name who it thinks used the Conservative-only database. Did you also forget about the “reprehensible” fraudulent robo-directed calls into Irwin Cotler’s riding by Conservatives?

Maybe you also forgot about the RackNine connected “Chase Research” robocalls since in Saskatchewan.

-It justifies the posting of a belittling video to attack a journalist who did a thorough job exposing a national crime.

Robocalls: Defending Fraud, since before 2011
by Kate”

ADDED: Oldies defending election fraud.