FOAD #Tarsands

With the mountain of evidence piling up against dirty tarsand bitumen extraction, those who’ve sucked on the oilpatch teat too long to maintain any perspective, are desperate to save face.

Some think saving face means making fun of mine.

They’ll take assistance from scientifically illiterate trolls out of country, so long as they’re against anyone who talks honestly about climate change.

They’ll claim that Al Gore invented Global Warming as a hoax, despite it being talked about by General Electric at least as early as 1956.

No, these rednecks are mostly crude “rig pigs”, or “oilpatch arm candy”, as their own bios attest to those facts. They proudly proclaim that they have too much oil money, and not enough booze (it’s even in their hopefully satirical favourite songs). They’re proud racists, homophobes, and of “Pissing off hippies since 1982″. They’ll respond to criticism of their economic time bomb, with a crude hostility one would expect from blue collar workers who’ve traded their souls to crush the earth for a few dollars.

If the facts won’t work, they’ll make up a lie.

When caught, they’ll start stalking you and saying they wished you had no access to medical care or modern communication, so that you’d be silenced.

I kicked this off by responding to a manipulative pro-tarsands promoted tweet, and a Calgary based Big Oil shill named Cody Batershill retweeted it.

For the “oilsand” shills, who understand only crude insults, I say FOAD. Look it up if you want to be offended.

Alberta P3 News #skpoli

Here’s some news hot out of Alberta. Only one of them is satirical.

The other satirical bit is that Saskatchewan’s Sask Party recently announced they’d be saving taxpayers millions of dollars by starting a P3 Bike Share like Stettler had. No wait, they said they were going to build P3 schools, after the Alberta model, to build schools faster.

#Tarsands Polluting Groundwater and Rivers

As scientists have demonstrated in the past, the strip mining and tailing ponds employed on a Mordorific scale in northern Alberta are polluting ground and river waters.

Sorry #tarsand shills, but turns out you’ve been lying all along when you’ve said that areas surrounding the tarsands are not being polluted. You may have to be honest with yourselves before you can be honest with others. If you can’t be honest with yourselves, it’s time to stop lying to others and bow out of the conversation.

Part 1 #OilConVoid – Neil Young Hints At Unspeakable Canadian Civil War

I’m starting a short series of 3 blog posts today deliberately with the top climate change story in Canada. There are huge stories also in the RoboCon election fraud scandal, and the PMO-Senate scandals, but it’s climate change that will have the longest lasting impact in Canada and the world.

Canadians have been fortunate for a long time, in that few of us consider the possibility of living through a war on our own soil. Most Canadians are people, however. All people on Earth are at risk of experiencing war, and Canada is even involved in one today, but not in North America. Take a moment, and consider what situations could bring about a war here. What do people fight over, and what are some examples from around the world today?

-Religious differences, {unemployment/poverty} economic disparity leading to political upheaval, resource shortages {oil}, colonialization, etc.
Defending a home or water supply has caused people in some parts of the world to resort to guerrilla war, or terrorism, to resist annihilation. Canada’s been prepared for such an event as few as 31 years ago, with its Top Secret PROFUNC concentration camp plan kept in many RCMP detachments.

I hope Neil Young’s support of the Treaties and First Nations people being killed by corrupt political ideology, becomes a cultural turning point in our country.

“Believe me, these people are not going to sit back and let Canada, modern Canada, roll over them,” Young said. “They’re not saying it, but they’re feeling it. And you can’t do this. Canada can’t just walk over everyone.”

On seeing the Tarsands first hand from the ground:
“That was 1 of 50 sites. The one we saw was the cleanest one, it’s the best looking one, it’s the poster child, and it’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.”

On the Conservatives in Ottawa, Young says, “It’s all marketing, it’s all big money.”

Now you know why Conservatives in Ottawa are willing to break laws, further oppress First Nations, and ruin Canada’s reputation, to serve their oil company masters.

In Part 2, next on my blog, you’ll read a bit about how the Conservatives go about getting willing-donor-money to gain unrestricted power in order to spend everyone’s tax money on subsidizing the tarsands’ oil companies.

PMO: Anger Betrayal Deception; Oil

Our lying Prime Minister felt betrayed and angry, and … deceived?

The scheme only became public after a CTV news report on the evening of May 14.

The next morning, said Harper, he met with Wright, the successful Toronto financier he had brought to Ottawa in 2010 to be his right-hand man.

“He told me what he had done,” said Harper.

“I think, to be frank, my first series of reactions were probably in the realm of more stunned and disbelief.

“I, for the life of me, still can’t figure out – I don’t think anybody can figure out – why, for whatever reason, somebody would take this money of his own and give it to somebody who we all believed didn’t deserve it.”

Harper said he felt a range of emotions.

“A sense of anger, betrayal, disappointment, deception. You can name it. Those emotions were there too.

“But look, I always say I don’t want to sit here and kind of indulge my emotional experience over the issue. It’s been a very emotional experience. My job as a leader is not to indulge my own emotions. It’s to try and deal with situations.”

The image associated with this story on Facebook, was a person walking beside a dirty pipeline. No doubt full of B.S.


Speaking of pipelines, the Harper panel has approved an oil pipeline of doom through B.C.

“This is a report that almost physically shrugs in your hands as you read it.”

As Chris Turner explains for DeSmogBlog, the report is written so that it simultaneously claims the pipeline is not to expand the Alberta Tarsands, while it will greatly later improve the economy there, years down the road. They want the pipe to be viewed through an environmental and localized lens when convenient, and a oilfield stimulus package when otherwise convenient. Pretty slick, eh?

Aside from the inevitable blockades so the BC RCMP can arrest more First Nations standing up for the health of their communities, what does Canada foresee when going down this oily road?

209 conditions? Anyone who buys something with that many conditions, is a fool.
“the money and jobs that would flow throw it”
They found a way to liquify jobs I guess?

Spending a Billion #cdnpoli

Many homes and lives were recently destroyed in Alberta last week. Warnings about where, and how to build homes were not heeded.

A former Alberta MLA who headed up a flood mitigation task force after the 2005 floods says new development should not have been allowed to spring up in the flood zones.

“The one thing they could have done … they should have stopped building some housing and buildings on the flood plains. And that was a strong part of that report,” George Groeneveld, who chaired the flood mitigation committee and report, told CBC News.

“If you’re going to build in those areas, you take on the responsibility yourself. That to me was the strength of the report, stop building where we shouldn’t be building.”

Hmm, adaptation doesn’t work, if no one heeds reports, or pays for infrastructure that works in the long term.

Canadian insurance companies are facing unprecedented growth in claims and payouts for water-related home damage, and industry experts lay the blame squarely on climate change.

In 2009, insurance payouts nationwide totalled $5.3-billion, with more than half of claims being paid for extreme weather events.

Yet Calgary and elsewhere built where it was not reasonable to do so.

Sale of flood-prone Crown lands creates the potential “for increased financial liability for the province in terms of Disaster Recovery Program funding that must outweigh the short-tem financial benefits of the sale,” the report stated.

The Premier has announced a billion dollars in emergency aid. How long until the next emergency?

CALGARY — Alberta has approved $1 billion as part of the first phase of emergency recovery and reconstruction for flood-ravaged communities.
Premier Alison Redford said the province has vowed to provide for more than 100,000 displaced southern Albertans.
“Today we’re taking action,” she said Monday.
To help the people who are still displaced and can’t go home, the province will provide pre-loaded debit cards that will help with their immediate housing needs and day-to-day purchases.
Those who qualify will receive $1,250 per adult and $500 per child.
The funding has been allocated from Alberta’s Contingency Fund.


Can’t help it if no one is listening to the experts.

Alberta’s flood emergency will soon pass; the global state of emergency won’t. Climate change is the emergency we’ll be dealing with for the rest of our lives. We must all quickly wake up to the dangers of warmer planet.

Oil Spills Create Jobs

I’m severely disappointed in the lack of vision that conservatives have regarding our economy. Faced with information that burning a lot of fossil fuel is not able to be sustained without Catastrophic, Repulsive, Atmospheric Pollution (CRAP), their response tends toward ignoring evidence of damage to their environment in favour of delaying the predictable economic train wreck that would occur if fuel production were to halt in the span of months or a year.

Jobs are being created to create the doomsday device known as the KXL pipeline. Jobs will be required to [partially] clean up the many spills it will create. Doctors will be needed to treat the cancers created by the soil and water contamination, and the burning of the fuel.

Yet when asked if they’d like to wind down fossil fuel production in favour of renewable sources, they answer “No!” because they can’t envision it ever being an equivalent and essential source of power. When you ask them if they believe in higher education, most will say they do, choosing (at that time) to instead embrace the idea that short term expense and investment can lead to longer term gain through a change in skills and information. There are plenty of conservatives at schools of business.

So, why rush into upgrading ‘ethical’ oil infrastructure, instead of renewable energy manufacturing and design?

And seriously, if the tar sand oil companies can’t stave off repeated spills in the months leading up to an approval of KXL pipeline, how can anyone believe they’ll suddenly stop leaking oil all over the place once there is less pressure to behave because they’ll have the pipe built?
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Oil The Humanity!

Oww, my sides would be hurting from laughing at the irony of this situation, if it weren’t a deadly serious joke that the Conservatives are playing on Canadians.

On a public relations mission to convince the public that the BC coast will be safe from oil spills, the clean-up vessel ran aground on a sandbar, and was delayed by hours.

British Columbia’s largest oil spill response vessel got stuck on a sandbar en route to a federal news conference where Monday about strengthening Canada’s oil spill defences.

This was only a test. If this had been a real emergency, your coastline would be covered in oil. Joe Oliver would be cackling.

You really have to love it when a press conference fails so badly for any politician hell bent on pitching a catastrophic idea destined to ruin lives and our environment.

ReThink Meat

Meat fraud is taking place all around us. Most people probably can’t tell the difference between similar looking meats sold in stores, were it not for the labeling.

Fish fraud is apparently common in the USA.

Safeway recalled big and juicy E.coli burgers. “Must be cooked” is right on the box, and they weren’t kidding, were they?

I’m not above eating horse meat. I’ve never done it, however. At least, I don’t think I have. Many French and Italians didn’t have a choice if they bought from a mega-meat distributor who decided for them.

What all this brings to our attention, is how vital it is to cut down on overall meat consumption. You don’t have to eliminate meat from your diet to make a huge difference. Have it at half as many meals as you typically do today if you’ve not made a previous effort to cut back.

“Unless action is taken, increases in pollution and per capita consumption of energy and animal products will exacerbate nutrient losses, pollution levels and land degradation, further threatening the quality of our water, air and soils, affecting climate and biodiversity.”

Over consumption of meat, leading to higher than optimal demand in the food supply chain, leads to suffering in even rich countries:

Suzanne Salami, a single mother of three, subsists on just £30 a week and is angered by the way the horsemeat scandal is hitting the poorest hardest. “When you can’t afford to buy anything to eat, [or] ask where meat comes from and if it’s sustainable, it is not fair,” she said. “I am being made to eat stuff I don’t know about and I am being let down. It’s like we’re being told to eat and shut up.” She was particularly worried about the potential health impacts of traces of equine painkillers found in horsemeat in the food chain by the Food Standards Agency this week.

When I buy meat, I prefer it come from a source I know, such as a farmer near Wood Mountain or Ormiston; if I’m in the city, then a local meat shop like Fellinger’s. I’ll still take chances and buy meat from elsewhere, but I don’t feel comfortable with doing that.

#ForwardOnClimate Support in Regina: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Stephen McDavid interviewed by CBC/SRC about climate change action:

Stephen explains that the pipeline is a line in the sand. Using it, is crossing that line. I’ll explain why there is a line, further on in this post.

I was also interviewed. The CBC reporter was pleased to learn from me (off camera) that there is a car share co-op in Regina.

I know some people don’t see the big deal with the Keystone XL pipeline, thinking it’s just another way that people can make money. It’s more like a doomsday device, than economic stimulus. Taking into account the truth that burning all of the bitumen in the Alberta tar sands will create enough carbon dioxide to push climate change past +2 degrees Celsius, a pipe intended to be used for that purpose will be seen as a crime against humanity by most people within a few short generations of now. Already, some people understand it to be that.

To meet a halfway reasonable carbon budget in our atmosphere, there’s no good use for the Keystone XL pipeline. To have to shut it down, and clean it up later in order to correct the error today in building it, is a huge folly that Obama can stop.

It’s widely accepted by people that our daily lives cause pollution, and it’s a sort of price we pay for progress. More people need to question what sort of progress we’re striving for as a species. It’s not like we’re trying to stop 7-Eleven from selling drinks that cause diabetes and obesity and kills a few thousand humans indirectly; we’re trying to stop investment in a technology whose use is known to cause so much pollution as to create catastrophic changes to our atmosphere, and will hasten the extinction of countless species and displacement of countless people. It’s a very, very big deal, and that the Harper government in Ottawa sees fit to label peaceful protesters as “adversaries”, “enemies of the state”, and “terrorists”, is in itself terrifying.

Here are the numbers behind why we must not burn all of the fossil fuel we are technologically capable of extracting with today’s technology.
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