Twerps On A Plane

Once again a plane intended to ferry party-animal Canadians to a booze soaked week in the tropics, has “had” to turn back to Toronto. No, planes don’t have to go back if there is a drunk on board. They have jail cells wherever the plane may land. Why inconvenience, and possibly terrify the entire plane load of passengers so the airline and military industries can get their jollies sending up fighter planes to “protect” us all from drunk people?

The fighters have two options while in the air. They can shoot at the passenger jet, or not shoot the jet.

Regina By Bus

I gave a tour of Regina today to a Mexican student studying at the UofR this coming semester. We were fortunate to have a ride from my parents after lunch, then we took the bus from the Cornwall Centre to the Legislature. We did the free tour there, and I saw its library for the first time.

Legislature in Saskatchewan

Legislature in Saskatchewan

There were some faint aurora this evening.

To Inquire, or Not To Inquire, Don’t Ask The Question

The latest Coyne article seems to be self defeating in its thesis.

“It’s not evident what contribution another public inquiry would make,” opines Coyne.

For one thing, we could have an inquiry to demonstrate that for Coyne. Or we could for once listen to what First Nations people want out of the Canadian government, rather than what a mainstream newspaper columnist in Toronto wants for First Nations people. The act of the federal government doing what First Nations want over what white people in Ontario want, would be a step in the right direction to healing some of the rifts that Coyne mentions in his column.

Police Violence Rages in Ferguson, MO

The out-of-control police response to protests against the killing of Michael Brown in a St. Louis, MO suburb, continues.

Yesterday more journalists were arrested without charge, leaving little evidence for the wronged reporters to seek damages in a civil lawsuit.

This police riot in Ferguson is more evidence that Obama is hostile toward the free press (which includes Julian Assange trapped in London).

The police are blaming the media and the public for what’s going wrong. The blame begins and ends with their behaviour. Their member killed an unarmed kid. They refused to charge the culprit. They’ve fired teargas at children and peaceful demonstrators. They’ve arrested media. None of these things are reasonable in the United States considering the First Amendment.

The police said that anyone other than people carrying $50K cameras will be arrested tonight. That’s an illegal threat in the US of A.

It’s time for a lot of resignations.

The killing was live-tweeted